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Achtung, Deutsch!

Zonen-Gabi im GlückI recently used the Wayback Machine to access snapshots of my very first website, created around 1996 or so. It was truly awful: terrible colors, frames, a javascript ticker, juvenile content, the whole chalupa. But, nostalgia be damned, it provided access to a number of articles that my young and wide-eyed former self had created aeons ago. Allow me to elaborate:

During the last couple of years of high school, my friends and I spent silly amounts of time consuming tasty brewed beverages, smoking various things, listening to Pavement ('Wowee Zowee' came out the year I graduated), Sonic Youth ('Dirty' was big, 'Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star' came out), Die Regierung and Die Goldenen Zitronen (and pretty much everything else that L'age d'Or put out); we were very grungy and leftist, read Titanic and especially Max Goldt's column religiously and felt generally very clever.

Feeling clever and slightly buzzed, we frequently ended up writing material for our school "newspaper" (which I now find out claims to be Germany's oldest registered school newspaper), and I lateron kept some of my articles, wrote a few new ones and put them on my rather awful and obnoxious, juvenile "homepage". And if it wasn't for the Wayback Machine, I probably would have lost them. Some may say that would have been for the best, but I still enjoyed the nonsense I created almost 20 years ago, so why not share it? I need not be ashamed.

Wiedervereinigung Ungütig: Kohl war gedopt!And so, dear reader, having recently become untumbled in order to preserve my content, I can now present to you a number of German tales of folly from way back when. As you read them, try to summon the atmosphere described above and you may forgive some of the balderdash.

March 21, 2012

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